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Upgrades on MUST Device Improves T-Mobile 5G Communication for Yakama Nation.

With the support from the USDOT Research and Technology SBIR FY23 Phase I project, AIWaysion made necessary upgrades to our MUST device at the intersection of Larue Rd & Highway 97. These upgrades tailored to the specific needs for rural road traffic and environment conditions monitoring and hazardous conditions warning, leveraging advanced technologies such as AI, Edge-Computing, and 5G communication.

A special thanks for T-Mobile team for their support ensuring more reliable and faster communication. Kirk Neibert, Fahim Abid, Sean Murphy. Stay connected with AIWaysion and Yakama Nation DNR for the latest updates, as our team actively pursues additional grant opportunities to expand our efforts. We remain dedicated in our commitment to making significant progress in enhancing traffic safety in the area!

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