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Beyond Sunrises and Saguaros: AIWaysion Collaborates with the University of Arizona and City of Tucson on Pilot Project.

Tucson’s something even hotter in town: AIWaysion’s cutting-edge MUST devices.

We’re thrilled to announce our recent touchdown in Tucson AZ, where we’ve been busy planting the seeds of smoother traffic flow at intersections: S. Alvernon Way and E. 22nd Street! This is a perfect reflection of our ongoing efforts working with The City of Tucson, masterfully coordinated by Dr. Yao-Jan Wu, Executive Director of the UArizona Center for Applied Transportation Sciences. Talk about a power trio!

AIWaysion also had the opportunity to tour the UArizona Center for Applied Transportation Sciences (CATS), and we’re still buzzing with inspiration! A huge thank you to Dr. Yao-Jan Wu, Associate Professor and Executive Director, and the entire CATS team for their warm welcome and insightful tour

CATS is a beacon of innovation, serving as a research, training, and capacity-building power house for regional governments, education institutions, and leading innovators like AIWaysion. We were particularly impressed by the center’s focus on Smart cities, especially in the areas of transportation systems management and operations, and real-world applications CATS is spearheading.

Our MUST devices are ready to put their Edge-Computing brains to work, collecting and analyzing traffic data at the source and making our roads safer and smarter.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to Dr. Yao-Jan Wu, Dr. Armstrong Aboah, Ph.D., Xi Zhang from UArizona Center for Applied Transportation Sciences, and the great minds at the City of Tucson: Blake Richards, PE, PTOE, Blake Olofson, Hal Feldman, Roger Kestler, Gabriel Rascon, Aberlado Rosales and Armando Bracamonte.

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