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The next-generation connected vehicle technology leveraging AI and edge computing technologies:

Integrates comprehensive sensing, data fusion, in-device analysis (Edge Computing), and communication functions all in one unit.

Multiple sensors, including PTZ camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensor, and temperature and humidity sensors, are integrated together to address the diverse needs of ITS applications.

Produces vehicles, ped/cyclists volume and speed data, road surface condition information, visibility, dangerous events detection, travel time estimates, etc.

Offers real-time communication to the traffic managers, road users, and the infrastructure (e.g., traffic control devices).


Mobile Unit for Sensing Traffic (MUST)


A web and mobile-app based platform for device management, data analytics and visualization, communication and control:

comprehensive traffic sensing

roadway and environment conditions monitoring

hazard events detection & warning

vehicle localization for CAVs

smart parking & curb management

connected vehicles (V2X) applications


photo of road


Next-generation connected vehicle technologies for safer and more efficient transportation.


Product Sheet

Connected Vehicles

Washington State STIC Program: Comprehensive Traffic Sensing and V2X Applications

Rural Road Safety

Rural Traffic Safety Data Collection & Traveler Information System, Toppenish, Yakama Nation

Traffic & Roadway Conditions Monitoring

Traffic monitoring, travel time estimation, & roadway conditions

Vehicle to Infrastructure

Enhance both safety and accessibility for non-motorized road users at signalized intersections in urban area

Smart Parking & Curb Management

Curb space parking events monitoring

All Applications

Real-World Applications

Plug & Play

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