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Curbside Management Project Supported by the National Science Foundation is Sure to Turn Heads!

AIWaysion is excited to announce our collaboration with Wei Cheng on a curbside parking management project, supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) and the Mobility Innovation Center at the University of Washington, Bart Treece.

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The project will build a smart curbside parking management system by using machine learning and internet of things (IoT) technologies. UW Professor Wei Cheng developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model to identify parking signs and curb management features. For this project, the team will develop a series of AI models and algorithms, a curbside parking rule database, and a system for curbside parking inventory management. AIWaysion will provide our MUST device to support curb parking monitoring. The MUST device can be used to monitor curb parking occupancy and parking events (location, vehicle classification, ingress and egress time, event duration, etc.). This information can then be used to develop and implement parking management strategies, such as dynamic pricing or timed parking.

We are excited to partner with the University of Washington on this important project. We believe that our MUST device can play a significant role in improving curbside parking management in cities and communities around the world.

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