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AIWaysion Places as Finalist in NYCDOT Curb Activity Challenge!

AIWaysion is proud to announce its selection as a finalist through the Transit Tech Lab to participate in a groundbreaking proof of concept with the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), aimed at revolutionizing curb management! Our integrated unit, which combines a camera, edge computing board, and communication module, will monitor curb parking events and enhance curb area utility on New York City streets.

The Customer Experience, Resilience, and Curb Activity challenges, announced in January 2024, attracted 150 applications from around the world. Applicants demonstrated how their solutions could improve customer experience, build a more adaptive transit system, and maximize curb area utility.

Selected companies will deploy their technologies over an eight-week proof of concept period with participating agencies, including the MTA, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, NJ TRANSIT, and the NYC Department of Transportation. These proofs of concept will leverage AI, LiDAR, and other smart technologies to enhance transit operations and address critical challenges in urban transportation.

About the Transit Tech Lab

The Transit Tech Lab, established by the Partnership Fund for New York City and the MTA, aims to accelerate innovation within North America's largest public transit system. As an initiative of the Transit Innovation Partnership, which was launched in 2018 by the MTA and the Partnership for New York City, it fosters collaboration between public and private sectors. The Lab empowers public sector transit leaders to source, evaluate, and pilot innovative solutions to address their most critical challenges, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of transit systems.

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